LL.B. (Third Year) Professional

Candidates for the LL.B. Third Year (Professional) Examination shall be examined in the following papers. Each paper shall be of 100 marks and three hours duration.
  • Paper 3.1   Law of Evidence
  • Paper 3.2   Law relating to Criminal Procedure, Juvenile justice and probation of offenders
  • Paper 3.3   Code of Civil Procedure and Limitation Act
  • Paper 3.4   Arbitration, Conciliation and Alternate Dispute Resolution System
  • Paper 3.5   Land Laws
  • Paper 3.6   Interpretation of Statues
  • Paper 3.7   Environment Law
  • Paper 3.8   Criminology and Penology
  • Paper 3.9   Drafting, Pleading, Conveyancing and Pre-trial Preparations, Preparation in Trial Proceedings and Moot Court
This paper shall consist of following two part :
  1. Practical, Written Paper 80 Marks
  2. Viva-voce Examination 20 Marks

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